Miracle In The Andes is a book written by Nando Parrado that tells the tale of a Uruguayan charter plane that crashed in the Andes on Friday the 13th of October in 1972. It is narrated by Nando Parrado himself. The majority of the people on-board were young men apart of the Old Christians Rugby Team. The men were mostly in their early twenties, and accompanying them were their family members to support them in their next rugby match. When the plane crashed, luckily, 40 of the 45 members on-board of the plane survived, but by the end, that amount dwindled to 16. This book talks about, and demonstrates how these boys managed to survive under the treacherous conditions of the Andean mountains. They had to learn the basic survival tricks which included finding food, water, keeping themselves and one another warm, and trying to stay positive all throughout this journey. The few futile attempts to escape led to disappointment, until the narrator, Nando Parrado, led a 10-day long trek with two fellow teammates and made exceptional progress and successfully climbed over the peak of the Andean mountains. Once Nando Parrado arrives home  and his normal life routine begins once again, can he ever have a regular life again and carry out as if nothing happened, or will he be scarred forever?

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